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Italian local goldsmith traditions: From Valenza to Vicenza


At Valenza in the late 1950s Enrico Buzio, certainly a worthy heir to a very old local tradition, decided to become fully involved in the goldsmith's art and craft.
At the age of 24 he came to the Veneto, where for twenty years he would teach to others the fine art of jewellery manufacturing and high-quality precision-casting methods. He subsequently opened his own workshop in Vicenza.
In 1998, his team grew and was strengthened by the presence of his three sons, Massimiliano, Gilberto and Alessandro. This was the beginning of the firm Buzio Snc di Buzio Massimiliano & Co.
The members of the Buzio family are specialists in the field of jewellery production and can be proud of the skills they have acquired over the years. Old family traditions and a shared passion for this particular craft have quite evidently influenced their business approach and ensure the quality of every piece of jewellery they produce. Owing to these characteristics and as a supplier to some of the most famous jewellery manufacturers and distributors at world
level the firm Buzio Snc can be seen as a valuable professional point of reference.