RJC Code

We have been 'RJC-Certified' since 2015 and are proud of the fact.

The Responsible Jewellery Council is an international non-profit organization supporting companies operating at various levels in the jewellery-production sector that decide to make every effort to ensure a responsible supply chain "from the mine to the consumer".

 The RJC CoP (Code of Practices) is accompanied by RJC CoC (Chain of Custody) certification based on consolidated international principles that focus on the adoption of responsible business practices and standards. The aim is to promote business ethics and respect for human rights, protecting the environment and ensuring appropriate management practices.

RJC defines products as responsibly sourced when they satisfy the minimum 'conflict-free' requirement and when compliance with appropriate ethical standards is guaranteed at every level of production.

To learn more: Responsible Jewellery Council / RJC Certification Information - Buzio Snc





RJC CoP certificate RJC CoC certificate